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Published: Saturday 11th April 2015 by The News Editor

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Want to go platinum like the celebs? Before you reach for the bleach, let’s rinse the experts for top tips:

When Kim Kardashian West unveiled her dramatic new do at Paris Fashion Week in March, brunettes the world over wondered: just how did she get her dark locks so light?

And with Lily Allen and Carol Vorderman recently taking the peroxide plunge too, salons have seen a spike in calls from would-be blondes.

“We’ve already had so many calls from people who are desperate to copy Kim’s look, particularly darker brunettes who are looking for a complete colour overhaul, rather than blondes who just want to go a few shades lighter,” says Marc Trinder, art team director at Charles Worthington Salons. “Kim seems to have inspired a newfound colour confidence in many women.”

But despite regular root touch-ups (all captured on Instagram, of course), Kim reverted back to her usual ebony shade within three weeks.

Does that mean such high-maintenance hair is unsustainable, even for a millionaire who has her own ‘glam squad’ on hand?

“The lightening process from very dark to very light blonde is heavy and strenuous on the hair,” warns Claire Bonney, senior technician at Radio Hair Salon. “It involves bleaching the hair, pushing it as light as it will go, possibly a double application, and of course, a much-needed toner to knock out any brassy tones.”

Don’t dye this at home?

So is Kim’s black-to-blonde bleach job achievable with an off-the-shelf dye?

“I would not recommend this as DIY, I have seen too many disasters,” says Tracy Hayes, global head of technical training for Fudge Professional. “Always have this process done professionally, to keep your hair in the best possible shape.”

If you have warm brown or ginger hair, you should avoid the peroxide too – unless you want to end up with orange locks.

“The red pigment is really hard to lift,” says Nice’n Easy UK colour advisor Jonathan Long, but medium to dark brown hair can be lightened: “I would always recommend shifting a shade within one to three shades of your current hair colour.”

If you are tempted by the DIY route, then the greasier your hair is, the better, as the oils will help protect your scalp.

Follow with a toner to avoid a brassy finish: “Lightened hair tends to pick up pollutants that can make the hair appear yellow in colour. In order to neutralise these tones, I would recommend using LIVE Toner Mousse Icy Platinum M01,” advises Sian Hickson, Schwarzkopf Brand Manager.

Aftercare is crucial too.

“Use shampoos and conditioners specifically for either colour-treated hair or dry and damaged hair, and use a treatment once or twice a week,” says Hickson. “Towel dry the hair before applying conditioner, as this will ensure that the conditioner penetrates further into the hair, and avoid using excessive heat on the hair, be it straighteners, wands or tongs.”

DIY Dye buys

:: Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD 00A Absolute Platinum Permanent Hair Dye, £5.49 (Boots.com)

:: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXl Toner Mousse Icy Platinum M01, £4.99 (www.tesco.com)

:: Blonde Sexy Hair Sulphate Free Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo, £9.95 (BeautyBay.com)

:: Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo and Conditioner, from £10.75 each (Fudge salons and BeautyBay.com)

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:: Clairol Nice’N Easy ColourSeal Gloss Brilliant Blonde, 99p (Superdrug.com)

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Published: Saturday 11th April 2015 by The News Editor

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