East Riding couple encourage others to consider adoption

Published: Monday 19th October 2015 by KCFM

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National Adoption Week starts today, and a couple from the East Riding have shared their experiences to celebrate the important event.

The call comes as part of National Adoption Week, which runs until Sunday. 13 children have found new parents so far this year, with another 14 waiting for adoption in East Yorkshire.

Linda and Barry say the process allowed them to have three children of their own: “We never had the chance to have them ourselves. We were both in long-term relationships that ended, and we met at older ages. We went through IVF twice and this was our last chance.”

They say the rewards speak for themselves: “You see them change. They morph into us. They pick up our characteristics. It’s just lovely to see. We had Emma when she was 9 months old, and now she’s a chatterbox. They’re not our adopted children, they’re our children.”

Linda says the process is easy: “If you go through the process and you get to a certain stage and you think, ‘No, this isn’t for me’, you can just stop it. It’s such a simple process now, they’ve slim-lined it since we first started. What is six months when you want a child so badly?”

Ian Wilson, Adoption Team Manager at East Riding Council says: “There are no blanket bans in adoption, so please don’t think we’ll turn you down because you’re over 40, single or don’t own your own home.

“What we really need are people who can offer a child or sibling group a loving and supportive family for life. People who can help a child recover from the reasons why they came into care and can help them go on to thrive in a new family.”


Published: Monday 19th October 2015 by KCFM

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