East Riding sees record parking fines

Published: Friday 30th January 2015 by The News Editor

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Motorists in East Yorkshire are paying out more than ever in on-street parking fines.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council made nearly £500,000 from tickets over the last financial year, according to the local authority’s latest statistics.

The £492,000 across 2013/14 marks a 17.7% rise on the 2012/13 figure and a ninefold jump on the year before. That is when East Riding Council originally took over parking enforcement duties from the police.

The authority banked an additional £156,000 from drivers ticketed for overstaying their allotted time in car parks using pay-and-display systems.

Council officials insist its firm attitude to parking is a fair one.

The council uses fine money to meet costs from its additional parking services, such as enforcement and any cash left over is ploughed into other road improvement projects.

The figures are published in an annual report the council has to release.

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Published: Friday 30th January 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (5)
  • I am always amazed when I read items about parking charges, and don’t think that we are fooled when we are told that this is not just another tax.
    First of all it is made extremely difficult to park anywhere due to many yellow lines placed strategically and they are there to stop us parking outside of a paid meter or financially controllled zone. (Not always yellow lines for safety reasons)
    Then we are forced to park in places so called designated for the purpose, this is to keep the flow of traffic moving???????
    We are asked to shop in the town (To keep businesses going and to prevent them closing down) yet parking is not only expensive but more often than not impossible to find somewhere to park in the first place.
    we are asked to visit the seaside towns and other places where visitors help to keep these such places alive, but the same restrictions apply. Not only that but it is often pointless parking up in these places for just a two hour period, you cannot do that much by the time you get to where you want to be any way.
    Truly I do not want to talk about those over zealous parking wardens every where you go either.
    Lets face it local governments have been taxing the not so well off by stealth for so long that we keep them affloat.
    What the hell is wrong with giving some areas out to the working man to manage parking with fair charges, and giving us at least time to make our journey worthwhile in the first place. How many places get ring fenced to prevent us parking there in stead of parking in places where we will be charged for it.
    Is it not already far too expensive to run a car, and also far too much of a legal minefield.

  • Chris Salter

    This is very simple,
    Park where you’re supposed to and park how you should do.

    I see far too many people that either park like it’s run out of fuel, or they park in a rediculous place that obstructs traffic and causes mayhem.

    DAMN RIGHT they should receive a fine! in all societies all over the world there are rules, rules that are usually put in place as a result of a lack of common sense.

    Yes sometimes it can be a pain to find a parking spot but that still doesnt give you the right to park illegally, i dont care what anyone says, there is always a parking spot somewhere, but people are usually too lazy and because they may have to walk further than they (in their own self importance) believe they should have to theres suddenly “no-where to park”

    And yes philip, the traffic flow still struggles with controlled parking in place, but can you imagine the mayhem without it?…..

    We can all moan and complain, but the rules are there for a reason, and as i mentioned earlier, theyre usually there because somebody failed to engage their common sense.

    Rant Complete!

    • I would bet that you don’t drive, but if you do it has not been for that long.
      Try walking long distances when say you are elderly, or infirm for some other reason.
      Because people are of an older age are they supposed to stop in because people like you in local government think that charging for everything should be the way these days.
      What ever happened to the give and take in this country, sorry I forgot yes it is still here, we constantly give and the government and local government take.
      Let me just point something out to you here, we all go the same way eventually, and wouldn’t it be fine if we could all enjoy some sort of pleasure before our number is called.
      Driving for me is a pleasure and I pay quite a lot each you for the privilege, but what with the law trying to catch us drivers out and constant charges it is becoming a thing of the past.
      By the way I did not mention fines, not even once but lets face it if you are a local government you can print your own money which is what is happening now by changing rules and making things ever more difficult.
      A lack of common sense by the way is to punish everyone for the wrongs of others!
      Yes yours was a rant and my article was one hundred percent factual, in the hope that those few without your attitude might just take note.

    • Chris Salter

      Actually Philip, i do drive and have done for over 17 years.

      Yes i agree that there are probably not enough parking spaces in our cities, i say cities because my job takes me all over the country and the same issues are present across most of the country,

      However, we cannot turn every empty plot of land into another car park, and if they did who would pay for that? The taxpayer or the parking fees?

      It is a sorry state that there are charges for this, that and another but i dont really see an alternative, if a carpark was free then where does the money come from for it’s upkeep, maintenance and control, most carparks are now privately owned so obviously the owners have staff, rates and maintenance to pay for which justifies the fee’s for parking

      Now when it comes to the elderly that’s another subject, the concept of spaces for the elderly could be a good idea, but if a person has trouble walking then should they really be driving?

      Yeah i despise paying for parking, but thats just the way it is, i accept it and get on with it. i just hope that the money i pay is put to a good use.

  • Gerri Scargill

    I would love to know just how much of that revenue was taken in Beverley, parking fines here are double what they are in most other areas. As a resident of Beverley, albeit on the outskirts, I hardly ever go into the town to shop or do anything else as it is so difficult to find a parking space. I often wonder just how many people come to the town as tourists and how they manage to find somewhere to park to go and visit the lovely attractions we have. The ‘improvement works’ carried out in Saturday Market have resulted in considerably fewer spaces and the way the bays are laid out makes them awkward to negotiate. One of the worst things about it is that busy and narrow through streets like Lairgate are partially obstructed, by disabled drivers parking on double yellow lines, and who can blame them? There are too few spaces for disabled drivers anyway, and where they are provided they have to pay for them. As a Beverley council tax payer I would rather see some of that money used to fund free parking for disabled drivers in key areas like Saturday Market, than on some of the other schemes that Parnaby and his cabinet (none of whom live here anyway) dream up for us.

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