East Yorks folk ‘likeliest to regret home-buying delays’

Published: Monday 29th February 2016 by The News Editor

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People in Hull and East Yorkshire are among the nation’s likeliest to have regrets about not getting on to the property ladder sooner, the results of a new survey suggest.

Across the country around 7% of those questioned for insurer Partnership’s poll say they regret delaying purchasing a property. But those from Yorkshire and London are more likely than anyone else to hold such regrets.

Along with their counterparts in the South West and East Midlands, consumers in Hull, East Yorkshire and other parts of Yorkshire are also the most likely to blame their dodgy financial decisions on the advice they got from friends or relatives.

Just 5% of those surveyed say they have no regrets about their financial decisions. Two-fifths wish they’d saved more money while one in five (19%) say they should have ploughed more into their pension pot.

Just over one in 10 meanwhile, say they wish they had either earned or worked more.

Other major money-based regrets include the financial impact of getting divorced, falling into debt and making investments which haven’t worked out.

Mark Stopard, head of product development at Partnership, said: ” No one cited saving too much as a problem, which certainly implies that, whenever possible, people should look to be as prudent as they can with their income and put aside what they can afford for later life or a rainy day.”

The research also suggests, he adds, that the head is sometimes overruled by the heart on financial matters.

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Published: Monday 29th February 2016 by The News Editor

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