East Yorkshire’s MP’s speak out about EU referendum

Published: Tuesday 23rd February 2016 by KCFM

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The MP for Brigg and Goole says staying inside the European Union would lead to “an erosion of democracy”.

Andrew Percy has announced he’s backing those who want to leave Europe. He says up to 50% of laws affecting the British public are decided by people in Brussels: “We talk about people feeling further and further from the democratic system. Well that’s absolutely the case in the EU.

“Westminster’s far enough away, but at least we can boot people out in Westminster, we cannot boot people out in Brussels, we just have to take the laws they give to us and we have to apply them.”

Mr Percy doesn’t believe the Defence Secretary’s claim that the country will be taking a “big gamble” with its security if it exits the EU: “We’ve had the migrant crisis, which the European Union couldn’t do anything about.

“We’ve had terrorist attacks that we haven’t seen for a very long time. The open borders between European countries allowed terrorists from Belgium to access France and commit those atrocities.”

Meanwhile the MP for Hull West and Hessle is backing calls to stay in the EU. Alan Johnson believes pulling out could be financially damaging for Britain: “If we pull out after forty years, don’t expect any goodwill.

“We’ll have to renegotiate all those trade agreements all over again and the prospect is we’d spend a lot of time and a lot of money, and we’d be damaged as an economy in the process just to get back where we are now.

“We are better off as part of this huge international market. Better off in terms of our economy, better off in terms of protection for workers, better for our environment, better off for the protection of consumers.”


Published: Tuesday 23rd February 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • John E Pallister BA

    The EU has had it’s day, it’s well past it’s sell-by date now…..it’s time to let the EU look after thier affairs and leave us to look after ours….no more kindergarten politics.

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