East Yorkshire man speaks out about his brother’s suicide

Published: Friday 10th April 2015 by KCFM

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Mark Janney committed suicide in 2011 after battling alcohol and depression, now his brother Nick hopes lessons can be learnt.

An inquest heard that in the two weeks prior to his death, Mark Janney was discharged from hospital three times- twice after taking overdoses.

His brother Nick says Mark was let down by mental health officials:

“The hardest part is that he did manage to open up and go seek professional help but they just didn’t seem interested. Hindsight’s a wonderful on their part I suppose, but hopefully if what happens in this case stops them from doing it again, then at least what I’ve done will feel a little bit worthwhile.”

Nick hopes that lessons will be learnt:

“I’ve lost my brother. My mum and dad have lost their son. My nephew’s lost his dad. All I want is to try and make sure no other family has to go through it again. It’s too late for my brother, but if we can stop another family having to go through it, then I’ll try and do everything I can.”

David Hill, Chief Executive, Humber NHS Foundation Trust said in a statement:

“Mr Janney’s death is a personal tragedy for his loved ones and we offer our apologies again to his family for our part in the failings identified in his care.”

A spokesperson from The Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust have accepted liability and said:

“We would like to reiterate how very sorry we are that Mr Janney did not receive the appropriate treatment whilst in our care.  With our solicitors, we are still working to reach an amicable settlement, and we would not want to pre-empt its conclusion during this difficult and distressing time for the family.”

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Published: Friday 10th April 2015 by KCFM

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