East Yorkshire prison officers could strike following pay review

Published: Friday 13th March 2015 by KCFM

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A union representing prison officers in England and Wales says it’ll hold an emergency meeting next week following a review of their pay.

The Prison Officers Association says the board examining wages have decided 80% of its members won’t get an increase.

The union had wanted a 5% rise to make up for a virtual standstill in salaries since 2010, and is ruling ‘nothing out’ in its response.

POA Chairman at HMP Hull Rob Nicholson told KCFM that his members are disappointed by the news:

“Their reaction is one of disappointment and outrage really, considering the work that prison staff do on behalf of the public. We’ve got an overcrowded system, we’ve got high rates of assaults on our members, and yet we’re afforded a nil pay reward- how can that possibly be?

“In 2014 there were 4,000 assaults on prison staff, and a 40% increase in serious assaults on staff. We’ve got a massive increase in the prison population, and we had 3,500 fewer officers by the end of 2014. All these things are overlooked when we talk about pay awards.

“It’s just disappointing to know that the work we deliver on a daily basis at Hull Prison is recognised- we’re a high performing prison- and yet this is how we’re repaid. We’ve delivered targets year in, year out, and we’re just having it thrown back at us.”

The POA’s executive committee will meet on Monday to discuss the review.

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Published: Friday 13th March 2015 by KCFM

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