East Yorkshire residents warned over excessive drinking

Published: Monday 16th November 2015 by KCFM

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East Yorkshire residents are being encouraged to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Health professionals will raise awareness of the impact of excessive drinking throughout the week as part of the initiative.

Natalie Belt, Humber NHS Foundation Trust service manager, said: “We’ve got a little bit of an issue with drink driving, especially when it’s quite rural and isolated.

“Pubs and villages are obviously are so spread out. There has to be some sort of transport between villages and town and people are unfortunately getting caught more and more.

“If you’re maybe having a total seven-eight glasses throughout that working week, actually you’re probably exceeding your units because at home the glasses that we have are very different to those in measures that you would get in pubs and clubs.”

The NHS advises that men drink no more than three to four units of alcohol a day, which is the equivalent of a pint of strong lager, beer or cider (5.2 per cent alcohol by volume).

Women, meanwhile, should drink no more than two to three units a day – which equates to a 175ml glass of wine (ABV 13 per cent).


Published: Monday 16th November 2015 by KCFM

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