Enjoy National Fish and Chip Day with Papa’s

Published: Friday 2nd June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Foodies will be excited to hear that it’s National Fish and Chip Day. That’s right, today we get to celebrate Britain’s favourite dish.

What better way to mark the occasion than to tuck into a portion of the tasty delicacy at an award-winning chip shop?

Papa’s Fish and Chips originally opened in Margate, Kent in 1966. It was a glorious year for the whole country, with England winning the World Cup.

Throughout the following decade, the chippy became increasingly popular and expanded to the north. Now the chain has four locations under its belt, with eateries in Bilton, Willerby, Scarborough and Cleethorpes.

“We actually came up with the idea for National Fish and Chips Day. It was three years ago at the National Fish and Chip Awards,” says co-owner George Papas.

Customers can experience a proper sit down meal or opt to take their fried treats home and enjoy them on the comfort of their sofa.

“We’re serious about fish and chips. There’s so much thought and pride that goes into our food, whether that’s choosing fresh Grimsby haddock or Lincolnshire potatoes,” he tells us. “This is why we like to think that our fish and chips taste so good and it’s what makes us unique.”

Menu highlights include the famous Papa’s Fish and Chips, with a choice of cod or haddock caught in Norway and Scotland. You can also go for something different in the form of halibut, plaice and skate wing, or and keep it truly local with wholetail scampi from the coast of Whitby.

And of course, they also serve the iconic Hull pattie and chips. Sides include an assortment of chip shop curry, gravy and mushy peas.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather not have it fried, you can go for a healthier option of grilled fish, salad or seafood skewers. Vegetarians will be pleased to see a range of halloumi dishes on the menu too.

On top of all this, diners can indulge in a seafood platter, or a pan consisting of a mixture of battered fish, salmon skewers, calamari and prawns.

For afters, Papa’s provides a whole host of traditional, homemade British puddings. Finish your meal off with a warm apple crumble, comforting bread and butter pudding, or refreshing ice cream.

George is actually the UK’s number one fish fryer and Papa’s has been recognised across the country for their fantastic offerings:

“As a shop, the BBC named us Britain’s Best Fish and Chips on their Best of British Takeaways programme.”

You can also, dive into the history of the dish at the Willerby branch’s Fish and Chips Museum. Equipped with the UK’s oldest Frank Ford frying range and a 1920s takeaway, food lovers young and old will enjoy discovering the work that goes into sourcing and preparing the national cuisine.

Papa’s is the perfect way to celebrate this occasion, and you can be certain that they’re always thinking up new ways to enjoy good old fish and chips.

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Published: Friday 2nd June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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