Explore the past at Fort Paull this summer

Published: Thursday 13th July 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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With nearly 500 years of history under its belt, Fort Paull is an excellent choice for an educational and memorable day out with the family.

Fort Paull is the county’s only remaining fortress from the Napoleonic wars. It was used extensively during both World Wars and was eventually closed as a battery in the 1950s.

The pentagonal-shaped fort that we see today was originally built during Queen Victoria’s reign. However, the land has been used to protect the region for almost half a millennia.

We spoke with Manager, Gavin Spencer, to find out more about this incredible local attraction:

“Fort Paull was built here because it’s the highest point on the Humber. There has been some form of batteries here since Henry VIII was king, explains Gavin.

“A lot of people don’t know that Charles I also used Paull as a key strategic base after he was refused entry to Hull in 1642.”

Within the fort itself, you can explore the winding underground tunnels, magazines and several intriguing exhibits. There are even tunnels within tunnels, referred to as the Fort’s Caponieres. In one of them, visitors can explore what life would have been like in the 1500s at the battery:

“You can see where the live ammunition was stockpiled. There are shell hoists that soldiers would use to fire rounds.”

Meanwhile, there are a whole host of interesting waxworks to meet and greet: “We’ve got everyone, from Henry to Hitler,” enthuses Gavin. “You can even say hello to Queen Victoria.”

Fort Paull is also home to even more royal replicas: “During the Second World War, the Crown Jewels were split up and stored in different locations across the country. Rumour has it that some were stowed away here. We have copies of them on display.”

Above ground and outside, the Fort is home to several iconic aircraft:

“One of the most impressive exhibits is the Blackburn Beverley. We have the world’s only surviving model,” Gavin continues. “We also rescued and restored a Hawker Hunter after it was vandalised.”

For summer 2017, there are plenty of fantastic events to take part in at Fort Paull:

“We have some great things happening right the way through the holidays and beyond,” says Gavin. “To start off, we have a Pirate Weekend at the beginning of August. And for the bank holiday we’re hosting a Knights in Battle event.”

“The first weekend of September will be our annual Miniature Engines display. After this, we have two vintage and classic car rallies.”

To finish the day off, why not take a visit to the Dukes of York Bar? The eatery serves a delicious all day breakfast, as well as hearty meals and alcoholic beverages.

Alternatively, you can snack on the buffet aboard the Berliner Train. The Berliner Tea Rooms are also a great choice for a historic bite to eat. Whilst there you can take a peek at the restaurant car, salvaged from the train that would transport people from West Germany into West Berlin during the Cold War.

Entry to Fort Paull is £6.50 for adults and £5.50 for children and concessions. The summertime events are free to visit with an admission ticket. For further information about the battery, please visit the Fort Paull website.

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Published: Thursday 13th July 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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