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Published: Tuesday 27th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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If you’ve spotted people sporting beautiful painted patterns and glitter, Fantastic Faces are probably close by.

We spoke to owner Milly Rose about her flourishing business, which brings a splash of colour to Hull and East Yorkshire.

“I started face painting because I have two left feet,” says Milly. “I was involved in Rock Challenge as a teenager at Hornsea School and really struggled to learn the routine.”

“When the teacher suggested I put my artistic skills to use with set painting and hair and makeup, I blossomed and realised that I much preferred the behind the scenes work.”

Milly runs Fantastic Faces alone but often works closely with other companies to facilitate bigger events.

Attending parties, festivals and all kinds of other exciting celebrations, she tells us that face painting is just one of her popular offerings:

“We absolutely love glitter this year! Plus body art and henna always go well with face painting. We also create pregnancy bump paints, called Beautiful Bellies.”


With 2017 being Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture, Fantastic Faces have been very busy of late:

“We kicked off summer with Assemble Fest,” says Milly. “This began with painting children’s faces during the day and later switched to party mode at Larkin’s on the evening, where a few guys got glitter beards.”

“We end with Cornucopia, a lovely family-friendly festival set on the grounds of Burton Constable Hall (22-24 September). In the meantime, we have Hessle Feast (9 July), Hull Show (12-13 August) and Armed Forces events.

With your imagination being the only limit to what you have painted on your face or body, we asked Milly what this year’s trends are:

“The popular designs change all of the time,” she says. “Some weeks it’s butterflies, others it’s Batman, you can just never tell! I keep up to date with current trends and even painted a few fidget spinners last week.”

Depending on the size of an event, Milly is happy to travel far and wide. However, she mainly sticks to Hull and East Yorkshire for smaller events, parties and promotions.

When not working, the artist rarely puts away her paints: “I love dressing up. Any opportunity to go out with sparkles or paint on, I take it. I can remember one Halloween going out with some friends who all dressed as sexy cats or fairies and I turned up as the weeping angel, fully mottled up!”

“More recently I’ve been working on cosplay ideas, such as Mystique and Harley Quinn. I love attending these events as it gives me a chance to dress up and pretend to be an entirely different character, which really is the beauty of makeup.”

“We’ll be running body paint and SFX stalls at many of these events next year,” she adds.


“I also create topical body paints. For example, for this year’s General Election I painted myself as Jeremy Corbyn. That was a really fun and unique one, plus it got a lot of attention!”


To book Fantastic Faces for an event, please message Milly through her Facebook page.

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Published: Tuesday 27th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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