Fewer vehicles using Beverley southern relief road than predicted

Published: Monday 13th April 2015 by KCFM

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The number of vehicles using the Beverley southern relief road is lower than the council’s initial estimate.

In the four weeks since Minster Way opened, around 7,000 vehicles a day have used the bypass. East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s initial prediction was 13,000.

The relief road was  built to reduce the amount of traffic passing through the town, and to cut the damage to its historic buildings caused by air pollution.

Julian Minshall, Chairman for the Beverley Chamber of Trade, told KCFM that he has already seen a difference, and it’s still too early to pass judgement on the scheme’s success:

“People are using the bypass. The projected figures were around 13,000, and they’ve monitored about 7,000. I think that’s got to be taken over a longer period of time.

“There has been a difference going into Beverley in the fact that the traffic has eased. Victoria Road is easier to get along which was always congested going into town.”

Mr Minshall is also confident the bypass will only help to encourage business in the town:

“The bypass is designed so that it takes through traffic, so that shouldn’t affect anything that happens in the town centre.

“The whole idea behind the bypass is that it eases traffic flow in the centre so that it’s a better experience for shoppers, retailers and also general businesses who need to get around town to do their day-to-day things.”

In a statement, an East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said:  “The Beverley Southern Relief Road (Minster Way) has only been open for just over four weeks.

“The average daily flow on that road is currently around 7,000 vehicles per day, so that’s 7,000 vehicle movements that haven’t had to go through the Beverley town centre streets, which considering how recently the road was opened is great.

“As drivers get used to the new route, and as maps and satellite navigation systems are changed to include the new road, then this figure is expected to rise in time.”

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Published: Monday 13th April 2015 by KCFM

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