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Published: Wednesday 11th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Popular comedian Jon Richardson brings his new tour Old Man to Hull City Hall on Saturday 14 October.

We caught up with the stressed stand-up to discover more about the show.

Hi, Jon. Are you looking forward to bringing your tour to Hull?

Gigs have become very cathartic for me, as things are so hectic at home. Gigs are now the equivalent of going to the pub or the cinema.

Our baby is only two months old, so it’s obviously the perfect time for me to be leaving home for several weeks. It has to be said, I’m not terribly popular at home. But I’m assuming that by the time I get home, my daughter will be toilet-trained, capable of dressing herself and able to drive.

We’re not sure that you’ll be that lucky! So you’re enjoying fatherhood so far?

Well. At one point, we were driving along the motorway when my wife needed to breastfeed. So we got off the motorway and drove down to the end of what we thought was a deserted lane. But as we reached the end, I began to think that there were more cars than there should be at 9 o’clock on a Tuesday evening. It turned out it was a local dogging site. We got a fair bit of attention…

What I’m dreading is raising her to be like me. If If I hear her saying, ‘I can’t eat that chip because it’s touched those baked beans’, I’ll know she got too much of me in her.

Do you chat about your daughter a lot during the show?

I’m determined not to talk about my baby in a way that’s alienating. But it’s been such a big change in my life that I can’t not talk about it. It’s so nice to have something new to stress about – I can really get my teeth into this stress!

Of course, a lot of your stand-up focuses on your own personal experiences.

I can’t believe I get to do this as a job. As I get older, I’ve got more and more to talk about and have more and more confidence. I love the privilege of looking back on my life every three years, turning it into a comedy show and sharing it with an audience.

It’s incredibly cathartic. It’s a way of converting the difficult elements of life into comedy. None of us know what’s going on at the moment, so to be able to laugh at it in unity for two hours is absolutely great.

We’ve heard that you use Twitter to interact with your audience during the show, is that true?

Yes. I recently talked to a man in the audience, and he was shocked because I knew where he had been that morning, what football team he supported, and what his wife’s name was. It’s a good about-turn. That’s the joy of Twitter.

That man had messaged me earlier, but people don’t always realise that when you Tweet, you’re building a public record of yourself. It’s nice to have all that free material. It means I can spend more time with my daughter and just take the mickey out of someone in the audience.

Brilliant! What’s your favourite part of doing live comedy?

It’s such a buzz. The instant reaction you get from the audience is such a privilege. Each show is a very honest portrayal of how I’m feeling that night. It can go off in any direction. The show is different every night, and that makes it much more exciting. Every evening is unique.

Jon Richardson comes to Hull City Hall on Saturday 14 October. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Hull Theatres website. 

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Published: Wednesday 11th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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