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Published: Tuesday 9th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Funnywoman Katy Brand brings her insightful show I was a Teenage Christian to Hull City Hall this week.

We spoke with the actor, writer and comedian to find out more about the show and delve deeper into her ironically religious past.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit more about your show at Hull City Hall?

I first performed I was a Teenage Christian at Edinburgh in 2016. I did a week in London with it too. Now I’m taking it on tour across the UK.

Basically, it follows the story of me as a Christian between the ages of 13 and 20.

I was converted at the age of 13 by some friends and from day one I threw myself into it.

It got to the point where I was going to church four or five times a week. It was very fully on.

I was in the band, preaching on street corners and even talking at school assemblies. I then left at around the age of 20.

The show narrates the story of that period of my life. It’s interesting and true and funny – I hope!

Wow, that does sound intriguing. So as a teenager, did you ever imagine yourself as a comedian?

No, not really. I really loved comedy and I was quite silly with my friends at school, but it never occurred to me that comedy could become a career.

At the age of around 15, I was deep into being a Christian and actually wanted to be a prison chaplain.

It wasn’t until I went to university and joined a comedy group that I realised that it was something I enjoyed. I actually joined the group by accident; my friend wanted to join but she was quite nervous, so I had gone along for moral support.

So it wasn’t until this point when, ironically, I realised you could take comedy seriously.

Do you still go to church now, or has that period of your life ended?

I would definitely say that the Christian period of my life has ended, in the formal way.

However, I still quite like old churches. I will often find an old church during a walk and sit for five minutes. I wouldn’t call it praying, but I’m still interested in the spiritual side of life.

I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist, but I wouldn’t say I’m a Christian either. I don’t think any Christian could say I was Christian either, to be honest.

Finally, why should people come along to the show?

Well, for the people who have seen me before, this show is slightly different from my previous work.

I was a Teenage Christian is quite a chatty, conversational stand-up. It’s me being myself and it’s all true.

If people want an insight into the mind of a slightly crazy teenage Christian, then come along and cringe with me.

We also end on a song and there will be a tambourine, so hopefully that’s enough for people to want to come.

Plus it’s only an hour long, so you can go and have a nice dinner afterwards!

You can see Katy Brand at Hull City Hall on Thursday 11 May. Tickets start from £13 and can be purchased via the Hull 2017 website.

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Published: Tuesday 9th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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