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Published: Monday 23rd January 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Lisa Ronson is the daughter of David Bowie’s legendary guitarist Mick Ronson. On the eve of releasing her new single, Tales to the City, she returns to Hull with her new band.

Playing at Fruit on Wednesday, January 25 Lisa Ronson and The Last Day Sect are looking forward to performing some fresh material. This will be accompanied by revamped songs from her successful debut album, Emperors of Medieval Japan.

We caught up with Lisa to find out more.

What can audiences expect from the show?

Well, it’s different than the last tour that I did. This time, instead of it just being me and an iPad, I’ve got a band. It’s really exciting.

We’re going to play some reworked favourites and a few totally new pieces.

We’ve also got Morgan Fisher coming from Japan, so that’s amazing too.

That sounds fantastic! Can you tell us a little bit about your new single?

Tales of the City was co-written by me, Geoff Deane and Paul Gendler from Modern Romance. It’s a bit more of a straightforward rock and roll song than the other material I’ve been working on.

It’s so interesting doing something a little different. Plus it’s been fun to work with them on this side project.

With the reputation of your dad as a famous musician, did you feel the pressure to follow in his footsteps?

He did alright, didn’t he?

I mean, it’s impossible to follow in his footsteps really and I’ve always wanted to carve out my own path.

I think there’s always a part of us when we’re young that wants to do something that our parents don’t quite understand. For me, that was accounting!

Becoming an accountant was my failed attempt at rebellion. Accountancy is my other gig, and I do music in my spare time.

It’s a nice balance. I don’t really want to have to do music. I like it because I can experiment and play with it.

I don’t have to make a living out of what I create. I’m lucky to have a job that pays my bills. For me, that is absolutely necessary.

So how did you get into playing music?

I was doing a master’s degree in Accounting in New York and decided one night that I might want to join a band. After answering a few ads in the newspaper, I realised that it was a pretty silly idea.

However, I did get three auditions and went along to them. The third one I almost didn’t even turn up to because there was a cute boy in the library that asked me to go to a basketball game with him.

But, I thought it would be wrong of me not to turn up, so I went along. They ended up being the band I joined soon afterwards, The Secret History.

How do you feel about playing in your father’s home city?

I’m always excited to come back to Hull. I’ve just been talking with a friend about how important Hull is. It really deserves the title of UK City of Culture.

Everybody knows Hull and has a story about the place. There are some really lovely and wonderful people that come from it.

It’s also a great place to play, with a lot of history and depth, as well as some great art.

What’s your favourite thing about Hull?

The people are great. They’re so friendly, but also really honest.

I recently visited my grandmother and we went to the Minerva for a few drinks and a bite to eat. We just ended up chatting with some people. We were speaking for about two hours.

The city’s people are so friendly, I really enjoyed it.

You can catch Lisa Ronson’s gig at Fruit on Wednesday 25 January. To buy tickets, please visit or call 01482 221113.

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Published: Monday 23rd January 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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