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Published: Thursday 20th April 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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We spoke with funnyman and actor Omid Djalili ahead of his performance at Hull City Hall this Saturday.

Award-winning Omid is touring his brand new Schmuck for a Night show across the UK. Promising hilarious interpretations of some of the world’s greatest issues, the stand-up show is set to be side-splitting.

Schmuck for a Night is a strange name for a tour. Are you referring to yourself?

I like the word ‘schmuck’. It means ‘fool’ or buffoon. You have to be a schmuck to do comedy in today’s climate.

I’m embracing the schmuck in me to take on the big issues of our day. Plus, it’s a word that ends with ‘uck’, which can only be a good thing.

Can you tell us a bit more about the tour?

It’s going to be a little mellower than my other tours. I’ve become less frenetic.

I used to dance every two minutes in-between the stand up. I can’t even remember why.

It was mentioned to me that when I danced, audiences were laughing at me not with me. So it was either stop dancing or ban my manager from the gigs.

Audiences might be disappointed about the lack of dancing.

We’ve heard that you touch on some current affairs, including Brexit, ISIS and Trump. Times have definitely changed since you started the tour back in October 2016. Has this affected what you say on stage?

Well, I think the show will change even while I’m on stage. It’ll be so current, sometimes audiences won’t laugh until they get home and turn on the TV.

You’re used to dealing with tricky topics aren’t you? You’ve also produced a show for the Edinburgh Fringe, which involved reading the Chilcot Report in full. How did that idea come about?

I was on the phone to my support act Boothby Graffoe in July when I said, “We should do a show at next year’s Edinburgh Festival where we just read the Chilcot Report 24 hours a day.”

He mentioned it to a promoter called Bob Slayer, and rang me back and said, “There’s a guy called Bob who’s mad enough to do it this year.”

So while Bob was building a shed to stage it in, we were contacting all our friends in comedy to read it and kick the idea off.

It took 285 hours and 1,444 people to read it. I read too. It was a truly one-off experience.

Is Schmuck for a Night heavily political?

Well, yes and no. I’m not party political if that’s what you mean. I have no party political agenda.

But I’ll talk about what’s going on around us trying to contribute to the discourse.

In fact that’s what the show should have been called Schmuck Talks About What’s Going On Around Him Trying To Contribute To The Discourse.

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Omid Djalili comes to Hull City Hall on Saturday 22 April. To book tickets, please call 01482 300306, or you can book online.

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Published: Thursday 20th April 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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