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Published: Monday 11th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Famous for his charm, wit and captivating storytelling, comedian Tom Stade comes to Hull with his brand new I Swear tour.

We caught up with the Canadian funnyman to find out more about his no-holds-barred show, in which he promises to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Can you tell us a little more about what we can expect from your show in Hull?

You can expect classic Tom Stade with brutal honesty. It’s all about being honest with who I am. I go from rude to polite.

I expose the fact that we’re not just one thing, we’re everything. You know?

Say someone is a liberal, but they will also be a little bit conservative. It’s just something in them.

You could be an adolescent, but also super mature sometimes.

You could be a feminist but have a small part of you that’s misogynist. Who knows what day we’ll wake up on? It’s in all of us, wouldn’t you say?

We try to cut out the aspects of us that we don’t like, but they are still there deep down.

Sounds interesting! You’ve appeared on many popular TV shows, such Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow and The John Bishop Show, how did you find those experiences?.

They were all super exciting. I think appearing on Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow was one of the most fabulous things that has happened to me, for sure. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that washes over you. It’s that kind of feeling that you’ve crossed the finish line, you know? But there are still many more races to be had.

You’re originally from Canada but now live in the UK, how have you found living in Britain?

Being an immigrant? Well, luckily I’m a successful immigrant. I think it’s so funny that, if you lot decided to throw me out of the country, you’d have to support my wife and children. They’d end up being a drain on your society. That makes me laugh so hard.

We don’t want to chuck you out, don’t worry! Do you find the British way of life much different from life in Canada?

Canada is a very polite society. They are very, very polite. The one thing I love about this country is that English people will really tell you what they think.

It’s not that you aren’t polite, but there’s also not much emphasis on it either. England is not a phoney country and I love that. You always start your sentences with “‘If I have to be honest…”.

We thought that the stereotype was that British people were very polite!

No, you’re the guys that whip your a** out in Italy in front of one of their most sacred fountains. I’m sorry, but no one is thinking “Look at those polite young gentlemen from England”.

Well, we hope that you’ll love the people of Hull. Why should they come along to your show?

If you’re bored and have nothing to do, come along. That’s why I usually leave the house.

Tom Stade is at Fruit on Wednesday 13 September. You can find out more information and purchase tickets on the Fruit website. 

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Published: Monday 11th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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