Fly-tippers blight Hockney’s Woldgate

Published: Tuesday 24th February 2015 by The News Editor

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The East Yorkshire landscape immortalised in David Hockney’s paintings has been scarred by fly-tipping.

Hockney fan Bob Ward was so enthused by the Bridlington-based artist’s four-year-old works at a Saltaire exhibition that he drove to Woldgate to see the area for himself.

But he was “devastated” to see a toilet, television, electric fans and other discarded items on the roadside.

Mr Ward, from Leeds, said he had enjoyed the Salt’s Mill exhibition of 33 Yorkshire Wolds springtime scenes by the 77-year-old artist. He was shocked, however, to find the Bridlington-to-Kilham road “utterly despoiled”.

East Riding Council said it would clear the site the moment it had investigated on Tuesday, and tried to establish the identity of those responsible for the fly-tipping.

It admitted that fly-tipping posed a problem in the vicinity and said the anti-social practice is a blight on the countryside which costs the council money.

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Published: Tuesday 24th February 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • I have to agree with Mr. Ward, this dumping culture has to stop!
    The mindless thoughtless idiots who destroy our beatiful places need to be caught and taught an expensive lesson.
    The only way you will ever get through to these thicko’s is to hit them in their pocket.
    may take time and it most certainly will cost money to place cameras in
    regular dumping spots, it will also cost man power too but in the end
    that cost will be good money well spent.
    These brainless morons may
    well eventually get the message, and the problems associated with fly
    tipping will eventually become less and less.
    Although I don’t
    believe that the problem will ever go away completely but it will
    gradually cost us less due to reduced incidences of the problem.

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