Fresh calls for Hull and East Riding Councils to merge

Published: Wednesday 13th January 2016 by KCFM

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Hull and East Riding Councils should merge, according to an independent boundary commission report released by the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce today.

It’s found the two areas often pull in different directions when they should be managed as one.

Professor Mike Jackson, who was involved with the report, says there should be a closer link with the south bank: “Hull and East Riding politicians and senior officers need to start talking to one another in a much more serious way about the Northern Powerhouse and devolution; and they should seek to draw into that discussion other relevant councils, probably on the south bank, to look at a Humber combined authority.”

He says the area needs to be marketed as the Humber: “The main economic driver for growth is the River Humber and the ports of Goole, Immingham, Grimsby and Hull. They’re better working together and marketing the Humber as a regional asset.”

The Chair of the Hull Commission, Tom Martin, says: “Hull has huge potential for economic development, the East Riding currently provides much of the space for this to happen, and in turn, Hull provides the key urban facilities for much of the whole area.

“We consider that the two areas are in fact an interlocking single system and should develop as such. In effect, they have one heart but are of two minds, yet it is clear that one cannot exist without the other.

“We therefore consider that significant change is needed to develop single policies, strategies and operational management plans for the whole of the Hull and East Riding area. We believe that the end prize would be well worth the effort, giving them a significant single voice in the Northern Powerhouse.

“The opportunities are there for the taking. It is vital that Hull and the East Riding do not miss out.”


Published: Wednesday 13th January 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Barbie Gilman

    Re a Humberside authority (as opposed to just a merger between Hull and the East Riding) there was once a Humberside authority then it was abolished. It simply didn’t work. Is it proposed that we go round in circles?

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