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Published: Thursday 21st December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Trying to escape the clutches of Michael Bublé? A Very Reggae Christmas adds a dollop of dancehall to Hull’s festive nightlife.

We caught up with organiser and founder of Get Down, Nathan Simm, to see what it’s all about.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Get Down?

We’re just over two years old now. During this time we’ve managed to bring some of the most exciting live artists and DJs across the country to Hull, many of them making their debut appearance in the city.

I think Hull can often be overlooked by touring artists, especially in the niche genres we like to focus on, so fans are very appreciative and supportive when we bring an act to the city who may otherwise not have come.

We also run events with our resident DJs too. These usually attract as much, if not more attention than the gigs with out-of-town talent. The point of these events is not to make a quick buck; instead, we strive to be as inclusive, accessible and forward-thinking as possible.

For example, in the summer we ran events at Dinostar on Humber Street and managed to turn a museum into a nightclub. Welly is our main home at the moment, but we’re running smaller, more low-key events at Tunnel. This Old Town venue allows us to bring in a heavyweight sound system that really focuses on bass-driven music – something that has been missing in Hull for some time.

So what can we expect at A Very Reggae Christmas?

A whole heap of reggae, dub and dancehall. New underground bangers and classic tunes will be mixed together seamlessly. And yes, there will be some Christmas-themed reggae music thrown in too, such as this new one from Levi Roots.

It certainly sounds a bit different from the usual Christmas party. Do you think people are after hearing something a little bit different this time of year?

Let’s be honest, there are only so many times you can listen to the same old tunes time after time before you start losing the plot. People certainly want a break from the likes of Mariah Carey and Elton John this time of year. Don’t even get me started on Slade…

Get Down is constantly trying to do things a bit differently and stand out from the crowd. We provide people with the kind of nightlife you couldn’t really get elsewhere in the city. It seems to be going well so far!

We chose the Adelphi as that’s certainly my happy place. There’s never any trouble there and it’s always a very open-minded crowd. I love that music and art always come before money there.

Lastly, why should people come along to A Very Reggae Christmas?

There will be four hours of quality music and the Adelphi is guaranteed to be a safe zone – a rarity for nightlife in the Christmas period, I’m sure we can all agree. To be as inclusive as possible, the event is free entry before 9pm, and after that it’s still only £3. See you there!

A Very Reggae Christmas! takes place on Saturday at The New Adelphi Club from 8pm. 

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Published: Thursday 21st December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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