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Published: Friday 18th August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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World Photography Day is tomorrow, so we caught up with one of the region’s most renowned photographers, Neil Holmes.

In a world where millions of us have the capacity to instantly document our lives through the tiny lens on our smartphones, World Photography Day aims to encourage and inspire us all to share more photos.

Neil is one of Hull and East Riding’s leading freelance photographers. If you’ve spotted an image of a civic, cultural or sporting event around the Hull area, then it is likely that you’ve seen some of his work.

He has photographed some key events in the city’s cultural calendar, including Freedom Festival, Humber Street Sesh and Hull Folk Festival. On top of this, he was behind the lens at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and Olympian Luke Campbell’s civic reception.

“I’m a commercial photographer,” Neil explains, “This means that I mainly work in education, healthcare and basically anything business-to-business.”

Neil is actually a member of the Bondholder organisation and frequently collaborates with them to promote the Humber region.

“I was always interested in photography in my youth. I studied for three years at Leeds Technical College and was lucky enough to land a job at a commercial advertisement studio in my hometown of Hull,” Neil recalls. “There I worked for over a decade, but for the past twenty years I’ve been running my own company.”

Neil has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of subjects, including people, stunning Hull buildings, live music and food.

“People often ask me for tips when they’re just starting out with photography and they immediately presume it’s about good equipment,” he tells us. “But it’s not really about what camera you have, it’s what you do with it.”

His main piece of advice is to find what you like to take photos of.

“If you have a set idea in your head about a certain image you want to capture, you may not be able to shoot it in the exact way that you’d hoped,” Neil expands. “My advice would be to go out there and capture things that you love and have a genuine interest in.”

“If you love your subject, you’ve got more chance of getting a really unique shot of it,” he adds.

Neil’s passion is creating the images: “Many photographers I know, including me, really enjoy telling a story through images, rather than words.”

The City of Culture year has provided a lot of photographic opportunities for Neil. On his website, you can view stunning photographs of the new Queen Victoria Square Fountains, the recently commissioned Hessle Road Fishing Murals, The Weeping Window and the popular Hull Street Food Nights.

Moreover, he’s managed to immortalise local favourites, including Beverley Folk Festival.

You can find Neil Holmes and his full portfolio at

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Published: Friday 18th August 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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