Go large on American cuisine this Fourth of July at Branded

Published: Tuesday 4th July 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Today is the 4th of July, which means that it’s Independence Day in the USA. To celebrate, tuck into some delicious bites at Branded.

The United States declared that it was no longer part of the British Empire on 4 July 1776. Americans usually honour the holiday with extravagant festivities, including fireworks, parades, carnivals, fairs, barbecues, concerts and baseball games. It’s a day to get the family together and enjoy yourself.

Whilst, as Brits, we don’t observe this US tradition, we can still appreciate some of the tasty offerings that the Americans have given us. We’re talking indulgent burgers, enormous hot dogs and excessively sweet desserts.

Luckily, Branded Bar and BBQ, located on Beverley Road in Hull, specialises in these awesome treats. We spoke to Manager, Dan Shaw, to find out more about the menu and all-American experience at the eatery.


“We’ve got a wide variety of options, including US classics like pulled pork, hot dogs and stacked burgers with an array of meats like steak, beef, chicken and lamb,” Dan begins.

At Branded, you can choose anything from a traditional cheeseburger to one of their Ultimate Loaded meals, which involves two beef patties and a chicken breast, topped with pulled pork, Jack cheese and BBQ sauce. The Philly Cheese Steak Burger is also a popular option for those with larger than life appetites.

“We also do some amazing specials, including glazed ribs and half a boneless chicken,” he continues. “To start, our cheesy pulled pork balls are a big hit with customers.”

If the meaty mains aren’t big enough for you, why not add to your plate with one of their scrumptious sides? Choose from skin-on fries, sweet potato chips, crispy onion rings, homemade coleslaw, or mac and cheese if you want to truly feel like you’re Stateside.


“We also have our own Branded secret sauce,” Dan enthuses. “It’s unique to the restaurant.”

To finish off, opt for one of their yummy dessert options: “On the menu, we offer a chocolate brownie and raspberry cheesecake. Recently, we’ve just started doing chocolate fudge milkshakes topped with ice cream and a doughnut. Our customers love them.”


When you walk into Branded, the first thing that you’ll notice is its likeness to a real American diner:

“Our flooring is black and white and we have red booths, so the place has a proper US feel to it. On the wall, we have put up different types of retro signs to add to the experience,” Dan explains.


“Many of our diners have complimented us on our music playlist. I think it really adds to their visit. I’ve combined American favourites with some modern indie tracks to create something that’s chilled out, yet still classic.”

Meanwhile, if you prefer to munch in the comfort of your own home, Branded also offers a takeaway option to the local area via Deliveroo.

“I would say a visit to the restaurant is a must,” Dan maintains. “We provide a real American experience. Branded is distinctive in terms of its menu and setting.”

Branded BBQ and Bar is open Tuesday to Sunday at various times. Please see the Branded website for more details.

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Published: Tuesday 4th July 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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