Go meat-free this week with the help of Hitchcock’s Restaurant

Published: Monday 15th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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This week is National Vegetarian Week. We caught up with Jane Ickle, Manager at Hitchcock’s in Hull, to find out more about their tasty cuisine.

Located in the heart of Hull’s Old Town, this quirky and eclectic vegetarian eatery is a favourite among locals and visitors. They focus on social and informal dining, with cosy rooms and intimate hideaways for their customers to enjoy.

Hitchcock’s isn’t like your usual restaurant. For one, everything served is completely meat-free. Meanwhile, the first people to book get to pick the theme for that evening.

“We do it this way so our customers can have a choice of cuisines, and our chefs don’t get bored,” Jane explains. “We’ll cook up practically anything in the world.”

Popular choices at Hitchcock’s include Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cajun, Spanish, African and Sri Lankan.


With all of these choices and it being entirely in the customers’ hands, we asked if it gets stressful for the chefs who have to find the recipes.

“The only thing we have struggled with is Icelandic vegetarian food,” chuckles Jane. “Before Google we had to run to the library to get world recipes from cookbooks.”

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, Hitchcock’s requires an advanced booking so that they can freshly prepare your meal.

The scrumptious food is served from an all-you-can-eat buffet. After you’ve filled your boots, you can tuck into their incredible dessert table and enjoy a coffee.

Hitchcock’s prides itself on transforming global dishes into vegetarian delicacies:

“For our Mexican-themed nights we do meat-free chilli, Quorn tacos, cheese-covered nachos, aubergine and tomato enchiladas and, of course, refried beans – you can’t have Mexican without them,” Jane smiles.

“Meanwhile, the side dishes will include huevos rancheros (a Mexican egg dish), potato wedges and lemon spinach.”

Another much-loved option at Hitchcock’s is Chinese food. Bruce Hitchcock, the owner, will cook you up some veggie sweet and sour, chow mein, and a choice of noodles.

“We’ve also started doing Beijing bolognese, which is quite popular in China at the moment,” Jane points out. “We serve ours with Quorn mince, noodles and a scrummy oriental sauce.”

These dishes definitely sound delicious and prove that, contrary to popular belief, vegetarian food has plenty of options and is full of surprises.

“If you go in with an open mind, you’ll find that even the biggest meat-lovers will adore the flavoursome food on offer at Hitchcock’s,” Jane says. “Because we mainly use vegetables, we really focus on getting that mouth-watering flavour right.”

Despite the relatively small population of vegetarians in Hull, Bruce Hitchcock has been running the restaurant for nearly 23 years, proving that there is a market out there for veggie dining:

“I think people nowadays are tending to eat less meat, whether it be for health reasons or personal lifestyle choice,” Jane adds.

“We’re the only place in Hull that solely serves vegetarian food on an evening.”

You can find Hitchcock’s Vegetarian Restaurant at 1 Bishop Lane, High Street, Hull. Book today by calling 01482 320233, or visit hitchcocksrestaurant.co.uk.


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Published: Monday 15th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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