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Published: Thursday 12th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Every year or so a new craze comes along, and right now it seems to be dessert restaurants. With everything from the timeless Knickerbocker Glory to entirely new creations very much in fashion, people have ample opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth.

Hull’s most recent addition to the pudding club is Dessert Quarters. Located at 169 Spring Bank, it’s easy to find and just as easy to park for free.

With the counter facing the door, we were greeted with a smile as soon as we arrived. Based in premises that were once a pub, the furniture is chunky and sturdy, which contrasts nicely with the bright dessert fridges and pink décor.

The mouthwatering menu takes old school to a whole new level, presenting “Back to School Puddings” in the form of jam roly-poly, Victoria sponge and chocolate fudge cake.

Alongside these classics is a range of other delicious temptations, from carrot cake and red velvet slices, to Kinder Bueno cheesecake and a peanut butter stack. Meanwhile, their ice cream comes in many flavours, including honeycomb, bubblegum, mango and triple fudge.

Being a 90s kid and fancying a nostalgic trip back to my childhood, I went for the jam roly-poly with custard. With its promise of delivering a back to school experience, I’m pleased to say that Dessert Quarters didn’t disappoint.

The sponge of the roly-poly was soft, moist and golden, just how I remembered it from the old dining hall. The generous spiral of strawberry jam journeying to its centre was sweet and fruity, perfect for scooping off every now and then.

As for the custard – forget about your mother’s cooking, it’s just like the dinner ladies used to make! Plus it filled the bowl close to the brim, because an old-fashioned dessert just isn’t right in small portions.

Mixing it up a bit, I chose a Ferrero Rocher milkshake to wash it all down. This came in a good size too and was topped off with a huge swirl of squirty cream.

Sometimes milkshakes can disappoint due to being thin or weak tasting, but I’m pleased to say that this one was thick and very enjoyable. Most importantly, it tasted strongly of Ferrero Rocher, as there’s nothing worse than an advertised flavour missing the mark.

To be honest, I could easily have ordered another dessert, but that would hardly have done my New Year’s resolution any good. Instead I refrained and promised myself a second visit very soon to try one of their freak shakes.

Being a fan of choc, I’ll most likely go for Frankenstein Lives, which is a mint chocolate milkshake with a chocolate float, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a chocolate cookie. It’d be rude not to.

With waffles, sundaes, smoothies and even mojitos on the menu, I recommend Dessert Quarters the next time you fancy something sugary. If you like to peruse before you choose, you can view the menu on their Facebook page.

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Published: Thursday 12th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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