GoGo Penguin are honouring Basil Kirchin at Fruit

Published: Friday 30th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Award-nominated Manchester acoustic-electronica trio GoGo Penguin will be performing at Fruit in Hull on Saturday 1 July.

Combining jazz with electronica, the acclaimed trio brings something slightly different to Hull UK City of Culture. Through this performance they will pay tribute to Basil Kirchin, a pioneer film composer.

The band will present a brand new 15-minute composition that has been commissioned by J-Night for 2017 as part of the New Music Biennial.

We caught up with Chris Illingworth, the piano player, to find out more about their set.

“It’s going to be very different from our usual shows,” says Chris. “The new piece is called As Above So Below and is inspired by the music and philosophy of the composer Basil Kirchin. We’re performing the piece twice with a short Q&A chat in-between.”

GoGo Penguin have many musical influences, which vary greatly:

“Whilst the three of us share some similar influences, we each have different tastes and musical backgrounds.”

“The main shared musical influence is electronica and we all listen to a lot of music that can fall under this genre. This includes pioneering musicians like Jon Hopkins, Aphex Twin, Lorn, Thom Yorke and many others.”

GGP Blur Layered 1 photo credit Emily Dennison

Chris also tells us that there’s a lot of freedom within the genre that allows for experimentation and a huge amount of variety. It’s a great way to find inspiration, and their short gig on Saturday will be quite eye-opening for many.

“We’ve used some techniques similar to those that can be found in many of Kirchin’s works, such as working with found sounds, slowing down and speeding up recordings of sounds in our environment, and nature.”

The band has used these styles as a basis and foundation for the new piece. They also often take elements of electronic music and interpret them acoustically in performances:

“This project has allowed us to experiment further with these kinds of techniques, both in the composition and as a performance.”

Whether you’re a big fan of GoGo Penguin or have never come across them before, Chris says that everyone is welcome:

“For people who haven’t heard us before it will hopefully be an interesting introduction to our music. For existing fans, it will be something different to our usual performances and a chance to hear us chat a bit about the way we work and create.”

As Above So Below will pay tribute to the “soundworld and legacy” of Basil Kirchin, whose work was the basis of the recent Mind on the Run festival.

Doors open at 7:15pm on Saturday 1 July at Fruit down Humber Street. Tickets are free but must be reserved via Hull 2017.

To find out more about the creative trio, please visit the GoGo Penguin website.

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Published: Friday 30th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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