Goole councillor pleased by decision not to extend Sunday trading hours

Published: Friday 11th March 2016 by KCFM

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Goole councillor Keith Moore has welcomed MPs’ decision not to change Sunday trading hours.

The House of Commons on Wednesday opposed proposals to allow councils to extend opening hours by 317 votes to 286.

Mr Moore believes no thought was given to the retail workers who would have had to work Sundays without extra incentive and hopes that the matter has now been put to bed.

He said: “It’s absolutely good news for retail workers, it’s good news for business and it’s certainly good news for those workers who would’ve been forced to work Sundays and without premium rates of pay.

“We already work longer hours in this country than anywhere else in Europe; And of course there’s the family life to consider in this. There was no consideration whatsoever for the retail workers and their family life which they should be able to enjoy.”

He says independent businesses are already struggling, adding: “Certainly since the onset of Sunday trading, there’s been a huge reduction in the number of small retailers.

“I spoke to a number of them and they were telling me that they would’ve had to compete with those retailers who would’ve opened for longer and would’ve had to work longer to be able to do that.”

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Published: Friday 11th March 2016 by KCFM

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