Greater Yorkshire deal ‘dead in the water’ says Hull Council Leader

Published: Wednesday 24th February 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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The leader of Hull City Council says plans for a Greater Yorkshire region is “dead in the water”.

Councillor Stephen Brady says proposals for devolution which would see the likes of Leeds, Hull and East Riding join forces is now off the table.

He says: “South Yorkshire went off and did their own deal. “Then there was the possibility of a Greater Yorkshire, one which we were supporting, but West Yorkshire won’t have it. They want their own deal based on the Leeds city region, excluding North Yorkshire, East Riding and Hull.”

Councillor Brady says he wants the Government to realise the strategic importance of the city when uniting regions for devolution.

He added that Hull has one of the fastest growing economies in Yorkshire: “We’ve seen a 34% increase in job opportunities in this area. Siemens are expected by August/September time to be in production. With the City of Culture and the vision for Hull, we’ll carry on making our case to the Government for devolution.”


Published: Wednesday 24th February 2016 by Rich Sutherland

Comments (2)
  • Well the elite (They think they are) feel they can go it alone, they will come a cropper and it will serve them right. (They seem to be listening to promises very similar to those recently negotiated by Cameron)
    We know that Kingston-upon-Hull is improving day by day and as ever we may well have to go it alone, we’ve done it many times before and we are still here to tell the tale.
    Our city is cleaner than many others although there is room for improvement there, we are more modern and have many thriving businesses here.
    Financially given that government pays lip service only about ‘The Northern Power House’ (Another stupid Tory ploy invented to pacify us all) and pay our local council far less than it is entitled to, we manage all the same. (Us Hullesians never give in to Tory make believe)
    With the help of our hard working work force and the shrewd business investments we are told are in the pipeline, we will get to the top without that doubting self interested lot.
    Kingston-upon-Hull will succeed as it always has against all the odds.
    Look what happened to Hull during the war and how devastated it was left after it. – AND LOOK AT Kingston-upon-Hull NOW.

  • John E Pallister BA

    Are you really surprised…..It’s like the old song….(We) I am a lonely boy and that’s how it stays…..mind you 2017 isn’t going to do us any favours ‘cept make the rich even richer.

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