Have you taken down your Christmas tree yet?

Published: Friday 5th January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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Today is the last day of Christmas. That’s right, it’s time to take down the tinsel and put the baubles away until next year.

But first, why is the 5th of January the last day of Christmas? Surely, after the last bits of turkey have been stuffed into sandwiches on Boxing Day, the festive period is over?

Well, not quite. There are twelve days of Christmas and the last one is known as Epiphany. It has been celebrated since the fourth century across Europe because it marks when the three kings visited baby Jesus. As the famous story goes, the wise men presented Jesus with the three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

During the medieval period they continued the festivities from Christmas Day right up until the 5th. It was almost two full weeks of feasting, drinking and merrymaking.

Nowadays, many people will leave their decorations up until this day, but that’s about as far as it goes. Meanwhile, across Europe, the feast is still honoured. For example, in Bulgaria, the brave will jump into the icy waters of the Black Sea. In several other countries, presents and flowers are given to family and friends, alongside firework displays and parades.

Some people believe it is unlucky to keep your tree up beyond this day, so we’ve got some tips for taking down the decs and getting your house ready for the year ahead.

Get everyone involved

Don’t let the others get away with leaving you to do all the work. Set aside an hour or two when everyone can help out. Set everyone a specific job, such as someone on tinsel duty and another to take down the outside lights.

Put everything away safely

Christmas lights need to be put away correctly to ensure they are safe for next year. Although it’s tempting to shove them back into the tiny box they arrived in, take precautions and try to wrap them in a way that prevents tangling.

Avoid breakages

The same goes for baubles. Not only would it be a shame for your precious tree ornaments to break, it can also be a hazard if there are pieces of glass in your decoration box. Protect them by covering with tissue paper, kitchen roll, bubble wrap or even scrunched-up wrapping paper.

Recycle your tree

If you opted for a real tree, you must find your nearest recycling plant that is able to properly dispose of the evergreen. On top of being an easy way to get rid of the rubbish, it’s also better for the environment if the wood doesn’t go to waste.

Clean your house

After you’ve pulled down the garlands and boxed up your festive ornaments, your house might feel a bit dusty. Give your rooms a boost and hoover up any pine needles and glitter that have found their way onto your carpets and mantlepiece.

Only 360 days to go until next Christmas!

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Published: Friday 5th January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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