Heartless thieves raid Bridlington Samaritans

Published: Friday 4th March 2016 by The News Editor

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The Samaritans’ Bridlington branch has suffered a break-in.

The raid happened overnight sometime between 11pm Tuesday and 8.15am on Wednesday at the charity.

Samaritans uniforms, collection boxes, a laptop, coin jar and fundraising equipment were all taken from the St Mary’s Walk premises.

Police believe the raiders entered the site by smashing one of the windows. They left the property in a mess and made off.

Humberside Police are appealing for witnesses. People who might have seen anything or know about the crime can ring 101. They should quote the March 2 crime reference log 2172472.

Nationwide the Samaritans deals with calls for help 10 times a minute, offering emotional help for those with emotional distress.

The confidential service has 201 branches throughout the British Isles and over 20,000 volunteers.

It not only takes calls for help, however, It also reaches 228,370 people every year in hospitals, schools and homeless organisations.

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Published: Friday 4th March 2016 by The News Editor

Comments (2)
  • This story just shows how utterly disgraceful some criminals can be and just how low they will go.
    Let me tell you that some criminals would sort out such as these people if they get to know who they are, thankfully all criminals are not created equally.
    It is clear to me that if they are ever taken to task with regard to this crime, here is a perfect time to use the maximum sentence available for such despicable behavior.
    You never know just one day they may need the services of such a valuable charitable organization that is run by very caring people, let us hope that they do as a result of having to serve time at her Majesty’s pleasure.

  • Clive Waddington

    Once there are inside they will be able to call on Samaritan-trained “Listeners” who should tell them where to get off.

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