Hessle teenager returns home following mental health treatment miles from home

Published: Monday 15th June 2015 by KCFM

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Maisie is now back home with Mum, Sally Burke, who is campaigning to reinstate 24/7 mental health services in Hull.

A Hessle mum says there’s an urgent need for better mental health services in East Yorkshire, after her daughter’s now returned home following treatment.

Sally Burke’s 13 year old daughter Maisie had to live miles away from home to receive the help she needed, as there weren’t the services nearby to support her.

Their #GetMaisieHome campaign hopes to reinstate 24/7 mental health care in Hull to help children and teenagers in East Yorkshire cope with their illnesses.

Sally says youngsters and their families are being let down by a lack of provision:

“The last six months have been like our worst nightmare in the fact that you’ve got a poorly child, who needs love and support and help in their recovery and not being able to provide the safety they need and the care that they require.”

She says it was difficult having Maisie so far away:

“It’s just such a relief to know that she’s in her own bed, that we don’t need to make that trek across the country and to know that she’s back where she belongs. As a parent, you just want to look out for your child and do the best that you can for them, and in this circumstance, we’ve not been able to.”

Maisie agrees she shouldn’t have been treated so far from home and says it was a frightening experience:

“It was really scary. I got attacked quite a few times by other girls that were much older than me. There was this one girl and she just kind of came at me. She was 17 and I just didn’t know what to do. I was just so scared.”

Because of Maisie’s experience, and others who are going through a similar situation, Sally says there’s a real need for a better service locally:

“Figures are increasing, it’s not that there’s less children that need that [help]. At Hull Royal Infirmary, figures are going up for eating disorders and self harm. We’ve had some awful teenage suicides, so we need to make sure that we’re protecting our children.”

Maisie agrees and believes children’s mental health services need to be given a greater priority:

“Whenever you go into a general hospital for a physical problem, your parents can stay with you. Whereas if it’s for a mental problem, they treat it as if it’s some sort of horrible mistake. It just makes me feel disappointed by people who are kind of in charge of things.”

Now she’s back home, Maisie says she’s feeling much better:

“I’m really excited for the new sort of journey I’m about to begin. I’m really glad I’m sort of back to normality and I’m just really excited to be home.”

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Published: Monday 15th June 2015 by KCFM

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