How to celebrate National Singles Day this Saturday

Published: Thursday 9th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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National Singles Day takes place on Saturday.

The occasion is all about embracing life as a singleton. It’s completely your choice whether you want to celebrate your single status or make a change.

Firstly, here are some excellent things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were in a relationship.

You get full control of the TV

Let’s face it, not many couples agree on what they want to watch on the box.

Being single means that you get a complete say in which channel is on. You also get to avoid the fights and sulky evenings that follow the question “What are we watching tonight, then?”

You can take up some noisy hobbies

Have you always wanted to play the drums? Perhaps you fancy some DIY?

You won’t have to worry about annoying a loved one when you’re single. Just make sure you don’t upset your neighbours.

You get the whole bed to yourself

You can stretch out, sprawl and roll about as much as you like at night when you don’t have a partner.

Being single means not having to prod the snoring person next to you at 2 in the morning. It also means that you will never get prodded at 2 in the morning for snoring either.

You have more money to spend on yourself

Couples spend lots of money: on dates, on food, and on flowers and gifts after a fallout.

As a singleton, you’ll have all this spare cash to spend on yourself.

Treat yourself to a posh dinner or takeaway for one, or to that late-night online shopping spree that’s still in your basket.

You have more time to allocate to yourself

In the same respect, single people have a lot more time to spend on improving themselves. Use this alone time to pick up a new hobby, learn a skill or take a class.

If you’re thinking of taking someone out on a date in the local area, we have some great ideas for you below.

Grab a bite on Humber Street

The newly renovated Fruit Market area is one of the trendiest places to impress a date in Hull.

Win them over with a sweet treat from Cocoa Chocolatier and Bakery or order breakfast at Thieving Harry’s. Afterwards, head to the fantastic art galleries and studios to show your creative side.

Get caffeinated on Newland Avenue

This part of The Avenues is thriving with cosy coffee shops and bun stops.

Show your love with a cup of their favourite hot drink. And make sure that you leave a lasting impression by buying them a takeaway cake from Lydia’s.

Happy Hour at Princes Avenue

If you’re after something a little stronger than coffee, cocktails on Princes Avenue will add a fruity twist to your date.

Try Florins Bar for delicious tropical punch, and sample food from all over the world at one of the many local eateries.

Embark on the Hull Ale Trail

Does your date appreciate a proper pint?

Follow your heart around the Hull Ale Trail, as taking them to Hull’s picturesque Old Town is a sure way to woo them.

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Published: Thursday 9th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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