How to cure your New Year’s Day hangover

Published: Monday 1st January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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If you’re feeling a little under the weather today, these hangover tips could help you out.

As we’re sure you already know, drinking too much can have dire consequences the next morning. We’re talking sickness, dizziness, splitting headaches and most of all dehydration.

Unfortunately, we’re not here to tell you about a miraculous hangover cure. There isn’t one. However, there are a few things you can do to ease the discomfort.

One of the main causes for feeling ill after too many beverages is dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids and water helps your body to rehydrate and feel a lot better. The best time to do this is just before heading to bed after a night of drinking, but if it’s too late, grab a glass of water now and take slow and steady sips.

If you’re feeling up to it, eat a nutritious meal. You may not particularly fancy it, but a thin vegetable-based soup is a perfect source of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a great solution if your tummy is still feeling a bit fragile.

According to the NHS, you can settle your stomach with a simple antacid or by having a small sugary snack to help you feel less wobbly. As a last resort, painkillers come in handy for headaches and stomach cramps.

Whilst many people endorse drinking even more alcohol as a way to recover from a hangover, the NHS strongly discourages it and advises that you wait at least 48 hours before consuming more. This is because ‘hair of the dog’ simply puts off the symptoms and you may feel even worse when the alcohol wears off later. You need to give your body time to recover.

A hangover on New Year’s Day is the perfect way to reflect on your drinking habits. To avoid feeling like this again, the NHS recommends the following:

Stick to your limits

Only drink the amount of alcohol that you are certain your body can cope with. If you don’t know your limits, be extra careful.

Line your stomach

Be sure to have a meal that’s high in carbohydrates before you begin the fun. Drinking on an empty stomach means that your body absorbs alcohol at a much faster rate. Pasta and rice dishes are ideal for this.

Drink water

As your hydration plays a huge factor in how you’re going to be feeling in the morning, try to drink water or a soft non-fizzy drink in-between each glass of alcohol.

Avoid dark-coloured drinks

A lesser-known tip is to avoid dark-coloured drinks, as these contain natural chemicals called congeners. Some people, although not all, are very sensitive to them because they irritate vessels and tissues in the brain, which inevitably makes a hangover a lot worse.

Did you know that it’s now Dry January? If you’re feeling motivated, head over to the Alcohol Concern website.

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Published: Monday 1st January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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