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Published: Saturday 31st December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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Our role as the UK City of Culture is just as much for tourists as it is for residents. That’s why the line-up presents local talent and new artistic ventures rubbing shoulders with national institutions and established performers.

With a huge range of fantastic activity forming a 365-day programme of events, we’ve put together a little info for some top venues.

What will you discover during 2017?

Hull City Hall

Seating 1,200 people, Hull City Hall is busy throughout the year due to its multifunctional nature and amazing acoustics.

Used for graduation ceremonies by The University of Hull during the summer, the venue is also very popular with national orchestras and household name comedians.

Key events taking place here:

Royal Philharmonic // 2 February (pictured)

Jimmy Carr // 3 March

Chris Ramsey // 31 March


Ferens Art Gallery

Opened in 1927, the Ferens Art Gallery in Queen Victoria Square has just received a £4.5 million makeover in time for Hull 2017.

Aside from generally improving the facilities, this redevelopment will ensure that the venue is fit to host the 2017 Turner Prize.

Key events taking place here:

Pietro Lorenzetti: Siena to Hull  // 13 January – 23 April (pictured)

Francis Bacon: Nervous System // 21 January – 1 May

Turner Prize // 26 September – 7 January



Based at the centre of the newly redeveloped Humber Street, Fruit has been providing a platform for musicians and artists since 2010.

During 2017, the venue will continue to present popular bands and DJs from near and far, as well as a selection of theatre, spoken word, film and arts activity.

Key events taking place here:

She Wears My Ring // 10 January

A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) // 13-15 February (pictured)

Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars: A Film retrospective // 17 March


Holy Trinity Church

Over 700 years old and soon to become a minster, Holy Trinity has played a central role in the city’s evolution for centuries.

Whilst still very much a place of worship, the church welcomes people from all backgrounds and often hosts music acts and art installations.

Key events taking place here:

Hull Real Ale and Cider Festival // 27-29 April (pictured)

What Matters in Jane Austen? // 20 May

The Electric Fence // 4 July – 30 September


Hull Truck Theatre

Having begun its life in 1971 in the back of an actual truck, taking children’s shows up and down the country, Hull Truck Theatre is now a £15m producing venue.

2017 will see the popular attraction collaborate with the Royal Shakespeare Company and many other national names, as well as welcoming a range of local and touring productions.

Key events taking place here:

The Hypocrite // 24 February – 25 March (pictured)

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical // 1 February

A Christmas Carol // 2 December – 6 January


Freedom Centre

A not-for-profit social enterprise, the Freedom Centre is a key part of the Preston Road community. Containing a gym, cafe and even a minor injuries unit, it also hosts everything from gigs to weddings.

Part of a multimillion-pound development by the Preston Road Neighbourhood Development Company, this venue will bring first-class entertainment to East Hull during 2017.

Key events taking place here:

The Pigeon Detectives // 25 February (pictured)

Turn and Face the Strange // 15-19 August

70 Years of the Modern UFO Era // 9 September


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Published: Saturday 31st December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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