Hull actress calls for schools to have a bullying ambassador

Published: Tuesday 1st March 2016 by KCFM

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Hull actress Gemma Oaten is calling for bullying ambassadors to be introduced in every school across the country.

She’s shared her own experiences of bullying, which contributed to her 13-year battle with anorexia, in the hope that more youngsters will unite to stamp it out.

Gemma explains what the role would involve: “If anybody is being bullied, instead of having that fear of going to a teacher or telling on someone, they can actually go to one of their equals, one of the kids, and say I’m being bulled can you help me. I think it makes it more approachable.”

She says she’s proud to be an anti-bullying supporter: “It’s a cliche but it’s all about speaking out and making kids know, that no, it’s not acceptable, it’s not right and it’s not fair to be treated the way you’re  treated and you have a voice.”

Gemma says she was bullied, which contributed to her developing anorexia: “I was never physically beaten up, I often speak about it now, saying I wish I had because then I would have had the scars to have  gone to somebody and say look this is what’s happening. Unfortunately I didn’t have the confidence or the guts then, instead I developed an eating disorder.”

She’s not letting being a victim stop her from pursuing her dreams: “I’ve come out of it the other side, but it was a very, very sad time. I don’t wish any ill on those bullies. But they know who they are. I don’t need to do anything but succeed in the life that I’m living and be happy.”


Published: Tuesday 1st March 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • I wonder just how long bullying will keep on being a problem, and my worry too is that it will never be addressed.
    Let us face it there have always been problems with bullying in schools, it certainly kept raising its head when I went to school and that was in the 50’s. (What has changed)
    Don’t think though that bullying is only confined to schools because you would be very wrong, it is a problem in many workplaces (Mentioned not long ago as a problem in the local NHS for example)
    Workplace bullying is fairly common and I have seen it personally, and people don’t like admitting that they are being bullied because they feel embarrassed about it.
    There is too another reason for keeping quiet, if you speak out you will suffer further problems and even your job could be under threat.
    Employers don’t like to admit that there is a problem in their company and often they are the problem.
    Some bosses think that they will get more done if they are heavy with their staff, but of course that does not stop their staff taking advantage covertly, and giving only enough to pacify the person in charge of them. (No extra effort or loyalty from a person who feels bad about his/her work situation)
    School bullying is very uncomfortable for the victim who does not go on in life usually to fully achieve nor do they achieve fully at school.
    The bully however in may cases it is said does eventually suffer guilt, and while they were bullying they missed out on other things because the bullying took their life over.
    Often bullying is the only way that they can feel important, and many bullies suffer with very low self esteem.
    There is no doubt in my mind that bullying is now and always has been a problem that no one wanted/wants to address, and it was/is kept as an ugly secret and only being dealt with superficially to give the impression that it was/is not tolerated.
    Even teachers suffer bullying, little wonder then that getting teaching staff is now very difficult, and there clearly is a dire shortage of teachers.
    Until the government takes the lead and legislates more strongly against this problem, this problem will continue in every walk of life throughout our society.
    Once someone shows that they truly are not going to tolerate bullying then we should see it being dealt with in schools, the workplace and every where else that it is prevalent.
    Bullying does not stop once you leave the place that you suffered it, it has an effect on your personality and that effect can follow you all the days of your life.

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