East Riding council leader calls for Hull and East Riding for devolution unity

Published: Monday 26th October 2015 by KCFM

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The leader of East Riding Council says it is vital Hull and East Riding Councils join forces when it comes to devolution. Stephen Parnaby says the council has submitted plans backing a Greater Yorkshire region, which would include West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

He says whatever happens, both Hull and East Riding need to be together: “It would be absolutely ludicrous to split Hull and East Riding up, wherever we end up we’ve got to be together. Hull rely on the East Riding, we rely on Hull. It’s different as you get wider out to the boundaries on the East Riding but nevertheless you just couldn’t split them”

Councillor Parnaby also explained why he thinks a Humber region wouldn’t work: “To actually believe that the Humber could be a combined authority on its own, I believe is naive. It’s less than a million population.  It hasn’t got the clout that either Lincolnshire or Yorkshire have got and although we want to retain Lincs it isn’t a solution.”

Meanwhile, MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart, believes the right leadership is crucial for devolution to work: “Ultimately, it’s about providing better services for people. Can we provide more jobs for people, can we provide better skills and training, that means people’s wages go up. That’s what we want and if devolution works, that’s what it will deliver.”


Published: Monday 26th October 2015 by KCFM

Comments (2)

    when east riding didnt get Hull when Humberside was disolved they spat the dummy out. Hull is the jewel with its income. East Yorkshire need that money to give services to its clients. They dont so much want Hull people they want its income. Hull gives finacail help to East Yorkshire but now they want the whole lot. is it better for the people of Hull or for East Yorks. HULL WILL LOSE OUT IF WE JOIN EAST YORKSHIRE.THE MONEY RAISE FROM HULL PEOPLE WILL BE USED TO BENEFIT EASY YORKSHIRE AND HULL WILL GET MORE CUTS IN SERVICES.


  • Gerri Scargill

    Bet he’ll be hoping to be in charge of it all as well! Not been overly impressed with him and his cabinet’s plans for Beverley, if they get Hull as well, they’ll be able to carpet all the land in between with houses, after all, it’s ‘not the most attractive area’!

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