Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce warn of the impact on SME’s if we pull out of the EU

Published: Friday 26th June 2015 by KCFM

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They believe there’ll be a knock on effect for businesses in the region if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce has warned that pulling out of the EU will have a big impact on small to medium enterprises in our area.

It’s as David Cameron set out his EU proposals to other European leaders at a summit in Brussels last night.

15% of SME’s in Hull currently export overseas and intend to increase that amount over the next year.

Director of International Trade, Pauline Wade says it’s vital we keep strong relations with Europe.

“Europe is easy, it’s an easy start-up. There aren’t so many cultural barriers. Quite a few businesses in the European market actually speak English so there are fewer barriers to export.”

She thinks business’ will suffer if the government pulls out of Europe:

“Well from a trading point of view, I think it will have an impact. Hopefully Europe will regain it’s position. It always has been one of our main markets, Germany for instance, Holland and France as well.”

However, Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce suggest more small and medium sized business’ should look at the benefits of exporting to Europe.

SME’s currently trading overseas are confident that nearly a quarter of their sales will be International.

Pauline Wade says more local business’ should take advantage:

“We do need to be positive about it and look at other ways of engaging with overseas markets and getting orders like so many of our European neighbours do actually, we need to learn from them.”

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Published: Friday 26th June 2015 by KCFM

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