Hull Animal Shelters being inundated with unwanted kittens

Published: Tuesday 16th June 2015 by KCFM

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The blame is being placed on pet owners not neutering their cats to prevent them getting pregnant.

Hull Animal Welfare Trust say they’re being inundated with unwanted kittens and are struggling to meet demand.

Amy Bryan from the charity says they’re having to turn people away until they’re able to re-home current animals there:

“We have six to ten phone calls a day from people wanting rid of their cats because they’ve had kittens; And obviously we only have so many spaces, we can’t help them until we re-home something. But we are seeing literally hundreds of kittens already this year.”

She explains why they’re seeing such an influx:

“With the warm weather, the Queens come into season but obviously with the milder winters we are seeing kittens every now and again through the winter season. As soon as they produce a litter, and those kittens are old enough and they stop feeding, then the Queen again has another season and can produce another litter.”

One of the problems with neutering is that it does cost pet owners to have it done, usually around £20 – £40 for a male cat and around £30 – £60 for a female.

But there are other charities able to offer money off vouchers to people, especially those on benefits.

Amy says they did try to tackle the problem last year:

“Several charities got together and put money together for the free neutering. They did well over 2000 cats and we thought that would have made a difference but it hasn’t. We’re just still seeing so many kittens.”

She says it’s important people take responsibility for their pets:

“They’re just not neutering their cats. People think that if they’ve got a male cat they don’t have to do it; But you know if you have got a male cat, then you do have to do it because, you know, the males are just as bad as the females.”

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Published: Tuesday 16th June 2015 by KCFM

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