Hull bids to be European Youth Capital

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by KCFM

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After City of Culture in 2017, Hull could be the European City of Culture in 2018.

A range of youth organisations are backing the bid, including The Warren Young People’s Project, Child Dynamix, Cornerhouse, and North Bank Forum. They’re being backed by business and academic leaders, as well as Hull City Council.

A winning bid would see Hull become the focus for tackling issues that affect young people internationally, throughout 2018.

JJ Tatten, who manages The Warren, says it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for East Yorkshire’s young people:

“It will be an opportunity for them to showcase how much they contribute to the local economy, the incredible things they’re already involved in, the creativity, the energy, the dynamism and the ambition that we can see, that’s really tangible in the city now.”

“Hopefully, it will attract a lot of interest and maybe some investment. Young people are already heavily involved in lots of things that happen in the city, and we just want to shout about that. Young people say, we want to make it known to the world that we are really turning a corner here, and we’ve got really bright, exciting plans for the future.”

Mr Tatten says Hull’s bid will place a particular emphasis on young people’s mental health:

“They have recognised that it is a big issue at the moment, for young people. It seems to be highlighted by most young people we speak to, and I think that it shows a great deal of maturity that they are able to recognise issues like that.”

Five shortlisted bids for 2018 will be announced by 29th April, with the final winner unveiled in November.

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Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by KCFM

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