Hull boss weighs into Evans row

Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull City manager Steve Bruce has called for the football profession to give convicted rapist Ched Evans a second chance.

Bruce said that former Sheffield United player Evans should be allowed to play again following his conviction three years ago.

His call comes in the week that Evans’ transfer to League One side Oldham Athletic broke down amid a controversy that has split the football world.

Evans, 26, was released in October after serving half of his five-year jail term.

Bruce admitted that his views might upset the public, but said the majority of people were judging Evans before examining the case details for themselves.

He added that the striker may even have a chance of appeal when the evidence is looked at again.

Evans, 26, has not been allowed to appeal yet and his case is currently being reviewed.

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Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (3)
  • Ian Whittles

    All the comments about Ched Evans, if it was a GP or someone in the professional business they would have been struck off or dismissed immediately so why should it not apply to footballers they are no different to other professionals except they get a lot more money so some of them think they can do what they want

  • I wonder would Steve Bruce be so dismissive of such an act perpetrated by Ched Evans if it had been his daughter of a close relative of his family.
    let me make this very clear to you Mr. Bruce ‘This man committed a very serious crime against another human being.”
    Yes let him have another chance but not in football where he is in a position of setting an example to his younger followers, now it is time to find a proper job, he clearly did not appreciate the privileges that he had.

  • Kevin Francis

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