Hull charity raises awareness of children’s oral healthcare

Published: Monday 15th June 2015 by KCFM

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A Hull based charity are raising awareness of the importance of encouraging children to look after their teeth.

Hull based charity Teeth Team are wanting to raise awareness of the importance of encouraging children to look after their oral health.

Research has indicated that over 43% of five-year-olds in the city suffer from tooth decay, compared to around 28% nationally.

It has been this shocking figure that urged the charity to focus on the use of fluoride treatments in order to improve the oral health of children in the local areas. This includes the use of fluoride varnish which stops acid eroding the tooth enamel.

Ingrid Perry the co-founder of Teeth Team told KCFM that poor oral care habits can be passed down through the generations:

“Many of the children that are involved in the programme, come from families that obviously have generations of poor oral health. So for them, its normal to experience a general anaesthetic for dental extractions .”

As well as preventing children’s oral health deteriorating to a level where treatment is needed, the charity also aims to help families with children that require treatments by helping with dentist appointments as well as providing toothbrushes and toothpaste to 8,000 school children. The charity urges that having poor oral health can lead to further health problems for children as well as affecting their confidence, leading to an increasing amount of time being taken off school.

Ingrid added:  “We need to focus our attention on the children now, because they are going to be the parents of tomorrow. If we can en still good oral health habits with children, then hopefully when they become parents themselves they will follow through with everything they have learned. Looking after teeth will be a normal every day thing they always do.”

The charity is in full support of the proposal to put fluoride into the drinking water in Hull in order to tackle the issue of poor oral healthcare in the city, and believe that this issue needs to be tackled in order to improve future generations oral healthcare in the city

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Published: Monday 15th June 2015 by KCFM

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