Hull City of Culture 2017 logo unveiled

Published: Friday 23rd October 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull UK City of Culture’s 2017 logo has been revealed.

Hull 2017’s chief executive Martin Green says the design is the end product of hundreds and hundreds of conversations.

The multi-H logo will become a familiar sight in and around Hull in the months leading up to the festival.

It will head printed material as well as online event-related documents, while the public will be able to see it brandished on banners and flagpoles throughout Hull.

Mr Green says that the Sheffield-designed logo has been produced after much consultation with the public.

The cost is not being divulged due to its commercial confidentiality, according to Mr Green, who masterminded the 2012 London Olympics’ closing and opening ceremonies.

But the city council has revealed that £18 million will be spent on over 1,500 different events throughout the year. These include the Ferens Art Gallery hosting the 2017 Turner Prize.

Hull beat off Dundee, Leicester and Swansea to win the economy-boosting quadrennial arts and culture event.

It is estimated that the year could create 7,500 jobs in the city and pour over £60 million into the coffers of Hull’s local authority and surrounding areas.

BP has been named as an event partner.

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Published: Friday 23rd October 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (6)
  • Arthur Tonkinson

    The Hull UK City of Culture’s 2017 logo has absolutely nothing to do with culture or Hull. If this is the best the City of Culture committee can come up with in their efforts to ensure that the people of Hull are involved in the project then I don’t hold much hope for 2017. I reckon they could have done far better by having a competition amongst our school children.



  • Mark Gill

    Again so typical with our council what about our heritage to the fishing industry this logo is a joke why no vote which logo should be displayed

  • Dell English

    well I don’t think much of logo on karoo news surely they could have thought of something else to recognise Hull.

  • m chambers

    once again Hull city council has shown no vision.

  • bel

    isn’t it Kingston Upon Hull anymore?

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