Hull councillor calls for Dutch flood prevention approach

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2016 by Tom Drinkall

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Hull councillor Alan Clark believes the region needs to look overseas for solutions to flooding.

Cllr Clark wants to build new homes on floats, so should flooding occur, the properties would rise off the ground – a strategy that has been successfully introduced in Holland.

“We need to change the way we build our houses,” he said.

“We need to look at Holland – do you see them flooding so often? No you don’t. They have great big canals, great big dykes, they do dredge them.

“We also need to plant more trees, plant more hedgerows, it soaks up some of that extra water.”

Cllr Clark, Hull City Council’s portfolio holder for neighbourhoods and communities, also believes more investment is needed to prevent flooding in northern England.

He added: “The Humber Estuary is only second to the Thames in London, but we don’t get a tenth of the spend. It’s wrong.

“They turn round and say, ‘it’s because of the land prices’ – so what if our land prices are cheaper than they are in London.

“I would call for an estuary flood barrier, but that would take billions of pounds.”

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Published: Wednesday 6th January 2016 by Tom Drinkall

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