Hull councillor urges council housing reform rethink

Published: Friday 11th March 2016 by KCFM

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A Hull councillor says council housing reforms could see a rise of homelessness in the city.

There are fears that the reforms of could see thousands of low income workers being priced out of their homes.

A recent report revealed that 90 per cent of councils surveyed said their number of council homes would decrease –  leaving the UK facing the strain of reduced social housing.

The report also claims 74 per cent of council homes sold under the Right To Buy scheme would not be replaced.

Newland Ward councillor Mike Ross fears the changes to policy could adversely affect Hull families.

He said: “This is a city where the social sector housing is very important. I think government have approached these changes without really seeing the reality of old homes being replaced by new housing. It’s wrong. It just shows how out of touch this government is.

“There will be an increase in homelessness. The number of homes available for council homes in the social sector will decrease rapidly. These are all things that will put the most vulnerable people at real risk.”

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Published: Friday 11th March 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Kevin Marshall

    A North South divide ,,,again.

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