Hull couple speak out about witnessing the horror attack in Tunisia

Published: Tuesday 30th June 2015 by KCFM

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John and Lyn Carter from Bransholme were on holiday when the shooting began.

A couple from Hull have spoken of their horror after witnessing the attack in Tunisia.

John and Lyn Carter were on holiday at the time, but have now returned safely home.

Mr Carter explains how they weren’t sure what was going on:

“We heard five bangs and everybody sort of stopped, looked at each other and we just thought it was someone letting fireworks off; and you heard a rattle, a big noise of rattling and rattling; And the animation staff said run, and the rattling was getting closer, and everybody ran.”

He explains what they had to endure:

“You didn’t know what was going on. We was in there 40 minutes and it had gone quiet; And then you’d just hear more gunfire and then 10, 15 minutes, someone came. He had like a police tabbard on. He asked us to follow him, and we were all sort of hesitant because you didn’t know who was what or who was anything.”

But John was separated from his wife during the confusion:

“Lyn went one way and I went the same way. Then I stopped because an old fella was just stood there. I gave him a tap and told him he had to run. He ran. I lost sight of Lyn. Then I was hid behind a wall. You could hear the shots. I turned to my left and I saw a woman just fall on the steps. And then I heard the shots again.”

He says they can’t praise the hotel staff enough:

“The staff in the hotel saved hundreds of lives. They were getting British people, putting them in rooms and chaining the rooms up with locks, and they were stood there with knives and they was throwing bricks at him.

“The Tunisian staff got me and hid me in the laundry where they had about a dozen of us in there. And then they brought a young girl in, about 12 or 13. We hid her at the back, and it sort of went all quiet.”

Thankfully the couple are now safe and back home; Something which John says he’s incredibly grateful for:

“To be fair, I’m alright. I’m home. Lyn’s a bit stressed. But she’ll be alright. We’re home. Some of them aren’t.”

So far, it’s been confirmed 15 Britons and three Irish people died in the attack, including Claire Windass from Hull and Bruce Wilkinson from Goole.

But there’s a warning that figure could rise – with expectations it could double to around 30.

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Published: Tuesday 30th June 2015 by KCFM

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