Hull couple welcomes calls to improve transgender equality

Published: Friday 15th January 2016 by KCFM

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A Hull couple have welcomed calls by a group of MPs to improve equality for transgender people in the UK.

Among the recommendations the MPs put forward were training more police officers to deal with transgender hate crimes and giving passport holders the option to record their gender as ‘x’.

Married couple Felix and Helen Laws, who have both undergone gender changes, hope the Government takes action following the MPs’ recommendations.

Felix said: “I’m hoping that something positive will come from this. It’s been a big inquiry and there are some good recommendations.

“Definitely what they want to do with transhealth because they want to try reduce waiting lists, they want to try and get more doctors trained up in gender identity.”

Helen added: “We’re still dealing with the same things we were dealing with 10 years ago.

“We’re getting more acceptance out there in the wider community, but that’s not backed up with the acceptance and action from the Government and NHS. We do need action now.”

According to a report published by the Women and Equalities Committee, there is still a long way to go to ensure equality for transgender people.

The committee calls on the Government to take action to ensure full equality for transgender people, emphasising the need to update existing legislation; provide better services, especially in the NHS; and improve confidence in the criminal justice system.

Committee chair Maria Miller says: “Although Britain leads the world in recognising lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, we are still failing trans people in so many ways.

“The glamorous stories of trans celebrities are in stark contrast to the day to day experiences of many ordinary individual trans people.

“Our report challenges attitudes towards trans people and calls for them to be treated equally and fairly.”

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Published: Friday 15th January 2016 by KCFM

Comments (0)

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