Hull drivers urged: don’t make it easy for thieves

Published: Wednesday 2nd March 2016 by The News Editor

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A spate of thefts from cars around Hull Royal Infirmary have prompted police to warn motorists about how to reduce the risk of break-ins.

Half-a-dozen such thefts happened in the hospital vicinity last month. Drivers left valuables like mobile phones and sat-navs visible.

Police have issued a five-point plan to help motorists thwart opportunist thieves. They are advising people to always keep their vehicles locked and remove valuables from public view.

Motorists should park in well-lit areas that can easily be seen, ideally a driveway. Keys ought to be hidden in drawers or private places to combat house burglars.

They should also consider buying an alarm.

Vehicles owners can also visit to register sat-navs, mobile phones and other valuables on a property register.

Crime reduction officer Andy Allen said: “In response to these incidents I’m urging people to make their vehicles unappealing targets for thieves by keeping them locked when unattended and removing tempting property from display.

“People should always take money or mobiles with them when they leave there cars and I’d ask them to consider what they take with them before they set off from home.

“For instance, if you know where you are going don’t take your sat-nav or remove sports equipment from vehicles if there not required.”

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Published: Wednesday 2nd March 2016 by The News Editor

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