Hull Election 2015

Published: Friday 8th May 2015 by KCFM

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Following the local Hull election, all three Labour parties have managed to hold on to their seats but UKIP came a close second.

Karl Turner keeps his place for Hull East, with 18,180 votes.

Diana Johnson will continue to represent Hull North for the third time with a total of 18,661 votes.

And Alan Johnson also managed to hold on to his position as representative for Hull West and Hessle with 15,646 votes.

Turnout figures show 53.7% for Hull East, 55.1% for Hull North and 53.9% for Hull West and Hessle.

Speaking to our KCFM reporter Kat Boyden, Karl Turner had this reaction to recent events:

“It’s been a hard, a very long, short campaign. So I’m delighted that I can describe myself as the MP for East Hull. We’ve got an increased majority, turnout’s up as well so that’s good for democracy and I look forward to serving my constituents.

“I’ll be representing the interests of people in East Hull, whether it’s about the NHS, the fact that people are having to wait a week, sometimes two weeks, for a GP appointment. The fact that the vicious bedroom tax affects the most vulnerable people in my constituency.”

Diana told our reporter Kat Boyden that she’s exhausted but exhilarated:

“Last time in 2010 we had a very hard fought contest, my majority was very small, less than a thousand votes, so it’s great that it’s now over 12,000. I feel very proud that the people of Hull North have come out in such numbers to vote for Labour and to make sure that there’s a good strong voice in Westminster for people in Hull.

“If there is a Conservative Lib Dem Government again, I think things are going to be really hard in Hull North and it’s going to be difficult. Especially if we carry on with some of the major austerity cuts that we’re seeing which particularly have been focused on places like Hull in the North.

She explains what she’ll be focusing on as she continues her work as MP for Hull North:

“Championing the city. making sure that we get our fair deal, making sure that we finally get that railway electrification – that’s important, making sure that the City of Culture is a success in 2017 and that we bring in the resources for that, and of course making sure that we have jobs and opportunities for people in the city over the next few years.”

However, during the verification of the Bransholme West ward, it became apparent that Colin Worrall, the candidate for Yorkshire First, had been missed off 168 ballot papers.

In a statement, Ian Anderson, Returning Officer for Hull’s Local Election, said:

“Following the completion of the verification for Bransholme West, we have identified that 168 ballot papers were issued without the name of Yorkshire First candidate Colin Worrall. The total number of votes cast was 2,674.

“Given the very limited numbers affected, the decision has been made to continue with the election and the count as normal.

“I unreservedly apologise to all of the candidates and electorate for Bransholme West for this situation, which we believe has resulted from another error made by the print and distribution company.”

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Published: Friday 8th May 2015 by KCFM

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