Hull FC legend auctions himself off to raise funds for amateur boxing

Published: Friday 24th April 2015 by KCFM

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Kingston Amateur Boxing Club need help to take their youngsters abroad for competitions, so Johnny Whiteley has volunteered his services.

A Hull boxing club has found a unique way of raising the funds for its members to fight in international competitions.

Kingston Amateur Boxing Club is auctioning off a night with Hull FC legend Johnny Whiteley to raise the money for their team to compete in Ireland.

Mr Whiteley says boxing instills important values in young people:

“Boxing is such a wonderful discipline sport. I think that all rugby league players should be a boxer first because it’s individual discipline. We, as a team, we can hide, but boxers cannot hide and I love that concept.”

Head coach Steve Pollard says it’s a fantastic opportunity for his youngsters:

“Domestic boxing is totally different to international boxing. It’s a different feel about it and different expectations so it’s a great experience for them to be doing this.”

He hopes his gym could produce another Olympian:

“With the success of Luke Campbell winning the gold medal, boxing really has taken off. In the gym at the moment, we’ve got about 147 kids and every one of them are aspiring to be Luke Campbell or Tommy Coyle. So we have got a cracking little team there.”

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Published: Friday 24th April 2015 by KCFM

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