Hull GP leads the fight against obesity by offering cooking classes to his patients

Published: Friday 3rd July 2015 by KCFM

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The scheme is believed to be the first of it’s kind in the UK and is already receiving positive feedback.

Dr Gabriel Hendow, a GP at the Bransholme Health Centre is offering cooking classes to his patients.

He hopes the lessons will help people learn how to eat healthy and lose weight when it comes to their diet.

Dr Hendow explains what he hopes to achieve from the scheme:

“The idea of the clinic is to promote healthy eating, healthy cooking, smaller portions, understand the traffic light system.”

He says it’s crucial people who need to lose weight get the right support and guidance:

“It’s easy to tell somebody; why don’t you do this? it’s easy to tell somebody to exercise. Taking it a step further, getting them into the surgery, had an impact”.

The cooking classes, which are believed to be the first of their kind in the country, are also hoped to act as a form of support within the community, whilst running at a relatively low cost.

Dr Hendow wants to educate the public and states that: “Cooking a healthy meal is easy, its cheap, doesn’t take time. And they don’t need to rely on packets from supermarkets, or takeaways.Make them aware of what they can do, make them aware that it’s easy to cook a meal”.

The feedback Bransholme Health Centre has received so far has been positive.

It’s now hoped similar schemes will be rolled out elsewhere in the fight to tackle obesity.

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Published: Friday 3rd July 2015 by KCFM

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