Hull has ‘low wage, high welfare’ economy – report

Published: Monday 25th January 2016 by The News Editor

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Hull is one of a number of cities to have a “low wage, high welfare” economy, according to new research.

Centre for Cities claims h alf of the cities in the UK are classed as having low wage, high welfare economies.

Just one in four are delivering a “high wage, low welfare” economy, something Alexandra Jones, the research unit’s chief executive, says highlights the size of the challenge facing the Government in building a high-wage, low-welfare economy.

“One of the most pressing issues is the need to tackle skills-gaps and improve schools attainment, especially in low-wage cities, to help those places attract businesses and jobs, and support more people to move into work, particularly in high-skill sectors,” she says.

“This should be a key part of the Government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative alongside investment in infrastructure, and a top priority for local leaders.

“For cities which have seen strong growth in wages and jobs, the focus should be on addressing housing shortages, to ensure that their success isn’t derailed by a lack of affordable homes.”

But the Department for Communities and Local Government claims the report is out of date and ignores the latest Office for National Statistics figures showing the employment rate at a record-breaking 74%. It also says it focuses solely on cities which take no account of employment growth in large swathes of the country.

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Published: Monday 25th January 2016 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • Mark Gill

    Hull has been like this for years as there is no big maufacturies left only call centres and 0hour contracts/part time work

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